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Someone just tried to deal me drugs at circle k with a cop sitting across the street
I mean even if I did do drugs I wouldn’t think people would be stupid enough to deal them with a cop watching

Someone offered to sell me some buds. While they were smoking a blunt, on camera, in front of my job. I went out there to tell them to gtfo of here and he asked if I wanted to buy any.

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Fathers that act like the world should be kissing their feet because they SOMETIMES see the baby, they SOMETIMES ask about him, they SOMETIMES financially take care of them. Lmao that’s what a real father is SUPPOSED to do. The world doesn’t owe you shit for taking some responsibility over your child.

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Just made my own pickles.
Let’s see how this turns out.


Can everyone please start proactively telling their white girl friends not to do dia de los muertos facepaint for halloween, especially white folks telling other white folks. I know it’s early september but you can never start to early on curtailing this bullshit. 

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