• calling the legitimate anger of oppressed people “drama” or “hate”
  • referring to allocation of human rights as simply “politics”
  • referring to basic human empathy as “political correctness”
  • the childlike refusal to admit mistakes and throwing a literal tantrum
  • "it’s just my opinion"

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the only thing you need to know about public school is that people go hard as shit during classroom jeopardy review games. there are no friends here

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*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

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Namaste means “my soul recognizes yours” not “I tripped really hard at a festival once and now I’m filled with the wisdom of the Earth”

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"I need someone who
Sees the fire in my eyes and
wants to play with it."
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the problem with rich people is that i am not one

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I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on

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